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104 Collins Drive

Festus, MO 63028



- tTA is a world class waste handler for radiological, hazardous and mixed waste profiles.

- tTA can provide on site support for your remediation project.

- tTA can provide qualified project personnel for various positions such as Hazwoper, Radworker II,

  Hazmat Shippers, NRRPT and Gamma Spectroscopy Technicians.

- tTA will find the most cost effective transportation option for your waste streams by rail, truck, vessel or

  a combination of any or all of the above.

- tTA will provide you with waste stream optimization programs to help you maximize your waste dollars

  through establishment of recycle programs, Bulk Survey for Free Release (BSFR) & other optional waste processes.

- tTA will provide and arrange for packaging services from labor to packaging and shipping for either international

  or domestic shipments.

- tTA provides compliant shipping services in accordance with all regulatory agencies.
















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